IIESL has a wide opening for personnel of all levels in the fields of Engineering & Technology. Several thousands of its members are holding responsible positions in most development programmes locally and Internationally.


Internationally recognised category of Engineers in the field of Engineering & Technology, who effectively manage construction, operation, maintenance and project management functions of projects, by implementing appropriate technology.


IIESL represents Incorporated Engineers in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronic, Telecommunication, Marine, Polymer, Textile, IT, Building Services, Clothing, Agriculture & Quantity Surveying.


There are several paths available to becoming an Incorporated Engineer. The membership path elaborates the available routes. To download membership form >>Download Application

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Incorporated Engineers are competent throughout their working life by virtue of their education, training and experience with combination of general & specialist engineering knowledge and understanding in appalling existing & emerging technology, maintaining & extending a sound theoretical approach in the application of technology in engineering practice. Incorporated Engineer in the local scenario apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct, commission, operate, maintain, decommission and re-engineer processes, systems, services & products thus make their due contribution to industry, economy & society of our country.


As per Clause 14 of the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No 4 of 2017 no engineering practitioner shall engage in the practice of engineering profession unless such engineering practitioner is registered under section 15 of the Act. The Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Diplomates are required to register through IIESL. All the Corporate Members and the Associate Members of the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka are hereby informed to forward the details requested in the application form (No.07) to IIESL head office to give your consent to register as Engineering Practitioners.


Incorporated Engineers are specialists in the development and application of today’s technology, managing and maintaining applications of current and developing technology at the highest efficiency.


Dear Member,
It is a privilege and great pleasure to send this message to the first news letter of the session 2017/18 as President of the Institution.

Just after receiving my Diploma from Katubedda, I joined ACEDA in 1983. Then, going through IEDSL transition & later as IIESL covering a long period of time I have been given the task of leading the Institution this year. Being in the committee and council of management uninterruptedly in all these institutions I have been contributing at various capacities in its mission. In a way, that itself add more weight on my head in this session.

We are now in a legitimately confirmed base after the implementation of the “Engineering Council act” in the parliament this year, but it is only the start of the victory of long fought battle. INCORPERATED ENGINEERS still have a long way to go. It is our responsibility and the necessity to make the general public aware of the “Incorporated Engineers”.
I have through of a threefold program for this session.

* To begin with it is necessary to support the Diplomates and Associate Members to be upgraded to corporate membership category. To help this process with the help of CPD programs well suited for this category got to be floated. I intend floating these programs in this session. This will support in the growth of Corporate Membership which is the strength of the institution.

* Now that incorporated Engineer in well defined & his position is clearly indicated in the Engineering council act, it is necessary to educate the operational authorities in the governmental and semi governmental sector such as Departments, Corporations, Boards, etc. to implement “Incorporated Engineer” category is the SOR in their establishments. This I consider as an immediate task.

* Obtaining a land for our Institution was also another history & our predecessors had won this battle sometime back. Now we are operating from our temporary building for last three years. My intension is to commence the construction within this session & hope to work on this exercise. Our own headquarters building would add colour to our Engineering Community as well, I guess.

I can achieve these intentions only with the support of my Council of Management, Past Presidents and general membership. Through I am in constant contact with Council of Management, I am very openly inviting general membership to extend your hands whatever possible way to get around helping in above tasks.

I thank you.

Eng.Kithsiri Kottege
President — IIESL